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Although reluctant to discuss it, almost every man will have erection problems sometime during their life. Erections problems also called erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to get or maintain an erection. Erections problems may occur occasionally or become a chronic condition that may lead a man to seek treatment.

Erectile-DysfunctionCauses of Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of different causes of Erectile dysfunction and recognizing the cause in the first step in treating it. Some of the causes of erection problems include:

  • Stress- When people are under a good deal stress many bodily functions don’t work the way they should, and problems in gaining and maintaining an erection often occurs in times of stress. In most cases, erectile dysfunction due to stress is short lived and temporary and simply goes away when the stressful situation is reduced. However, in some cases, ongoing stress could cause ongoing problems that are hard to resolve. Finding ways to reduce stress is the key to curing or at least treating any erectile dysfunction caused by stress.
  • Alcohol or Drug Use- Heavy duty alcohol or drug use can also result in Erection problems. Men who drink heavily or take a lot of recreational drugs, may not only fail to be able to gain or maintain an erection, they may also lack the desire to have sex. Treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol may not only improve your ability to gain and maintain an erection, but is vital to your overall health.
  • Relationship-IssuesRelationship Issues- Relationship issues often result in an inability to gain or maintain an erection. When you and your partner have significant problems that results in constant anger or stress then it is difficult to be able be intimate. In some cases where men have a temporary erectile dysfunction fear of it happening again can often create relationship issues that turns that occasional erectile dysfunction into a chronic problem. In such cases, talking to your partner, indulging in other intimate exercisers and even counseling can help resolve some the relationship issues, draw couples closer together and renew your ability to get and maintain an erection.
  • Physical Injury- Although rarer that stress, alcohol abuse or relationship issues there are times when a physical injury may result in you having problems gaining and maintaining an erection, especially when they injury results in a diminishing the flow of blood to the penis. When a physical injury results in erection problems, it may be necessary to wait for healing, go through physical rehab, or even have surgery to correct the problem.
  • doctor-adviceHealth Issues- More prevalent than physical injuries in causing erectile dysfunction is health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure anxiety and depression. A number of other health issues may also cause an inability to gain or maintain and erection, due to slowing or limiting the amount of blood flow to penis. In some cases, getting treated for the specific medical condition causing your problem will solve your erection issues as well, other times it may be necessary to take additional medication aimed at helping to gain and maintain an erection.
  • Medications- While health issues themselves may effect your ability to gain an erection, oftentimes it can be the medications used to treat other health issues that is the cause of your sexual issue. In such cases, having a frank discussion with your physician may be the answer as he may be able to prescribe other medication that will treat the condition without interfering with your ability to gain an erection.

While talking about your erection difficulties may be difficult, speaking to your doctor and letting him help you to discover the cause of these problems is the first step in treating them. Your doctor will probably give you a complete physical, talk to you about your alcohol and drug use and make any necessary changes in current medications to see if that these things resolve your issues. If necessary your doctor may suggest you seek treatment with a mental professional or prescribe medication to help you gain and maintain an erection.

Your doctor may also suggest using a vacuum or getting shots in penis to treat this condition and as a last result he may discuss with you the option of having surgery to place an implant in your penis.

Keep in mind, that while erectile dysfunction may be a difficult thing to face and to discuss, that the condition is most often treatable without the need for surgery, and many men go on to lead to a happy, intimate and very satisfying sex life.