Girlfriends Magazine Online The Art Of Making Love

Some men become so consumed with the size of their penis and actually believe that their lack of love life has to do with their size, that they forget that there is an art to making love, that has nothing to do with the size of your penis and everything to do with sexual attraction, seduction and allure.

Let’s face it, women are different than men and learning what sexually attracts women and how to seduce them with do more for your love life than that an extraordinarily large penis.

sexual-attractionCreating Sexual Attraction

Unlike many men who form a sexual attraction to woman based solely on looks, for most women looks are only part of what attracts them to man. Taking the time to learn to how to capture a woman’s interest and hold it is essential improving your love life. Showing real interest in a woman, and learning to ask the right questions to make her feel as though you are truly interested in who she is as person will often result in most women seeing you in as far more attractive than you might otherwise think.

However, sexual attraction can be extremely short lived if you aren’t skilled in the art of allure and seduction.

If you are attracted to a woman, and she doesn’t seem equally attracted to you, you can create that sexual attraction or interest simply by showing a real interest in who they are, the things they like to do, and allow them to see that that sincere interest. When a woman sees that your interest goes well beyond the superficial they often can’t resist feeling a mutual attraction.

The Art of Seduction and Allure


In order to get a woman to want to become intimate with you, you need to become skilled in the art of seduction and allure. Seducing a woman is nothing more than making a woman feel as she is someone desirable and special to you. Eye contact is one of the most important tools when learning how to seduce a woman. Women often find themselves responding with sexual interest to a man who can’t seem to take their eyes off of them.

Listening is another tool men needs to have in their seduction trick man. There is something really sexually appealing about a man who actually listens to a woman’s wants and needs and then acts on what they hear and interesting ways. Simple touches are also a great tool that makes a man alluring. While women may dislike to be grabbed, they enjoy and respond to affection and light touches on their arm or shoulder, putting a hand on the small of their back when walking, or the simple act of holding hands. Small touches can actually fire feelings of sexual excitement in women and build a small attraction into one that is surprisingly strong.

One of the benefits of learning the art of seduction is that you will find that you are more sexually excited and attracted to the woman’s response to you.

foreplaySeduction Doesn’t Stop at the Bedroom Door

You need to remember that seduction doesn’t stop at the bedroom door.

If you really want to be manly in bed, then you need to learn how to continue the seduction and increase the pleasure of the sexual experience for both of you. More often than not delaying gratification for a short while, increases sexual attraction more than anything else.

While you may want to get right down to business, most women enjoy some extended foreplay, flattering, but sincere comments, and feeling feminine. Surprisingly, the man who learns how to seduce a woman in and out of bed usually has no worries that woman will be concerned about the size of your penis as they will be overwhelmed by your attention and the feelings you invoke in them.





When most people think of bodybuilders, they often picture men and women with very large muscles resembling Herculean-like figures of oversized proportions. It is understandable that many men and women are looking simply to tone and form their bodies and not necessarily go for size. However, the same weight resistance training that builds up the muscles is also the perfect means to tone them as well.

sexy-male-bodyIn fact, many people around the world use bodybuilding techniques to tone and shape the muscles in order to create a beautiful and harmonious form.

Toning the Body

In order to properly shed the fat, tone the muscles and create your best physical appearance, it will take more than just hitting the gym to get the job done.

  • Eat a Proper, Healthy Diet
  • Set Specific Goals
  • Use the Right Bodybuilding Techniques
  • Add Cardio Exercises

Everything starts with the right diet that includes plenty of proteins for muscle toning and complex carbohydrates for energy. Plus, you’ll need to cut down on the refined sugars, saturated fats and simple carbs that can turn into extra pounds.

You cannot get where you want to go unless you set the right goals. Your goals should consist of the timeframe to achieve the look you want and the amount of time each week dedicated to getting there. You’ll need to learn the right bodybuilding techniques that emphasize shape and tone over bulk and add in cardio exercises to help boost the metabolism as well.

How Bodybuilding Techniques Tones the Muscles

Although the basic appearance of building large muscles and toning them may look the same in terms of the many bodybuilding exercises that are used, there are significant differences in terms of the weights and repetitions which will help achieve the proper results.

sexy-female-bodyHere, the emphasis will be on weight resistance exercises that utilize the most amount of muscle in fewer reps so that you can burnt the most number of calories.

No Isolation Exercises: This particular type of exercise is designed to bulk up the muscles, so instead the focus will be on the general lifting and squats which works a large number of muscle fibers instead.

Fewer Reps: By decreasing the repetitions, the emphasis will be on building up enough of the fibers to increase the strength of the muscles without bulking them up.

Split Cardio & Muscle Building: Essentially, you will be alternating the days between cardio exercises and weight resistant workouts. This will help to tone your body and build up your metabolism as well that burns away the excess fat.

The Advantages of Bodybuilding Techniques for Toning

There are a number of benefits to using these techniques when it comes to shaping your body the way you want.

  • Short Duration of Exercises
  • Variety of Workout Routines
  • Fast Results

A proper bodybuilding/cardio exercise routines take roughly 30 minutes per day which makes them easier to fit into your schedule. Plus, the variety of workouts means that you are less likely to get bored and quit. Finally when combined with the proper diet you should start seeing results fairly quickly.

Overall, using proper weight resistance training combined with cardio routines will help you get into great shape without having to bulk up your muscles.