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Many men who want a larger penis, resort to all kinds of different activities to try and improve the size of their penis. Among the most popular forms of attempts at enlarging penis’s is penis stretching. Stretching the penis can be done in a number of different ways from simple exercises, to the use of mechanical devices. But do any of these stretching maneuvers work and if so how much size do you stand to gain?

Types of Penis Stretching

There are several different types of penis stretching that men have tried in order to increase the size the size of their penis. Some of these methods include:

  • Penis Pulling- Penis pulling is exactly what it sounds like, you simply take hold of the tip of the penis and pull it downward, normally holding it for the count of 30 and then repeat two or three times.
  • Exercises- So called penis exercises are really not exercises at all since there are no muscles in this piece of equipment. What these exercises really are, is a combination of pulling, and massaging that helps to encourage blood flow to your penis
  • Attaching Weights or Traction- Attaching weight or using traction as a means of penis stretching simply is an easy way to keep a constant pulling pressure on your penis in the hopes of stretching the penis slowly over time. With both weights and traction, the weight or the amount of traction is increased over time.
  • Pumps- Penis pumps are often used in the shower and they too stretch the penis using pressure to pull on the penis.

What Types of Results Can You See From Penis Stretching

If you are expecting phenomenal results from penis stretching you are sure to be extremely disappointed. It will take at least 6 months to a year to see any results to hours of stretching, and even then results with only be modest. Most men will anywhere from a fraction of an inch to a 1/2” in length, and even then increasing the length may effect the girth of the penis. While some people claim results of up 1 ½ inches in lengths these results are few and far between, if they can be believed at all.

doctorIn addition, once growth is achieved it will take continued stretching to maintain any growth you have achieved.

Negatives of Penis Stretching

While men who indulge in penis stretching in order to achieve a “bigger” penis focus on the goal of growth and the perceived benefits of stretching they often tend to ignore the negatives and side effects that penis stretching can involve. Here is a look at some of the negatives aspects of penis stretching.

  • Continuous Time Spent Alone- Unless you have a partner that is willing to spend a good of time helping you stretch your penis, then you are going to be spending a great deal of time alone. Penis stretching takes time, and if you are going to spend 30 minutes twice a day stretching your penis for up to year, then you are going to be spending some quality time all alone.
  • Damage and Deformity- If you indulge in penis stretching incorrectly or do it too often you can damage your penis causing you to experience pain when making love. Even worse you can actually cause your penis to become deformed resulting in difficulty making love, and a lowering of self esteem.
  • Sexual Dysfunction- One of the worst things that can happen when trying to stretch the penis is that you could cause yourself difficulties in order to get and maintain an erection. It won’t you do much good to ½ inch longer penis if you are unable to use that vital piece of equipment to enjoy an erection and please your partner.

If you have an average 5 to 6 inch long erected penis, then you are far better off to maintain that average penis than to risk sexual dysfunction by trying to stretch that penis when it really isn’t necessary.

Penis size is correlated with some of the worst body image issues men experience; while men are typically less criticized by the media for their weight and overall appearance than women are, the size of a man’s penis is often directly linked to his confidence, virility, sexual prowess, and by proxy, much of his personality.

Obviously, this idea is one that does a great deal of harm to many men, who live in fear of being mocked by their female lovers and other men alike. This anxiety is, in fact, far more widespread than it ought to be: While almost half of men (45%) believe that their penis is “too small”, in reality, the average penis is only about 4-6 inches long even when fully erect. The unrealistic expectations most men have about penis size are largely the result of pornography.

What Women Really Think About Penis Size

So, do women really prefer large penises? Do they have the same unrealistic expectations men do?

The answer to this question is as variable as individual women are; when it comes to penises, there is no “one size fits all” rule. One thing is for certain, however: The myth that all women prefer large penises is as pervasive—and untrue—as the myth that all men prefer large breasts. The vast majority of women (85%) are actually perfectly happy with the size of their partner’s genitals, meaning that far more women are happy with “small” penises than men are.

g-spotUnderstanding Female Anatomy

One thing that men generally do not realize when judging the size of their genitals is that not all women’s vaginas are one size, either. Many women cannot actually handle having intercourse with a man who is too well endowed, as it causes pain and a great deal of discomfort (this is another area where porn has given most people truly exaggerated ideas regarding what people can handle in bed).

The average vagina size is only about 3-4 inches long, and many women who have not had children also have fairly narrow vaginal canals. Ergo, the myth that one needs an unusually large penis to satisfy most women is completely false.

And, even if your penis is below average size, don’t despair; there are some women out there who have unusually small vaginas as well, and as such, cannot comfortably have intercourse with even an average-sized man. For these women, finding a man with a smaller penis is actually a dream come true.

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