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Erectile dysfunction is more common than you think in men of all different races, sizes and age and affects approximately 18 million men in the United States alone. Men facing problems with erectile dysfunction are often times embarrassed by their condition and turn to seeking out information from untrusted websites and so-called professionals just trying to sell their pills, which can quickly become overwhelming. A lot of these websites and companies promise you the world and a long lasting erect penis for hours, but they’re not always the best option for a man facing problems with erectile dysfunction.

penis-pumpingMany men prefer to use vacuum type devices which increases blood flow, known as penis pumps, to help them get an erection and most of them actually consider it to be safer option compared to penis surgery and male enhancement supplements.

Easy to Use – Penis pumps are surprisingly extremely easy to use and are favored by many men facing issues with maintaining an erection. The key to successful penile enlargement with the use of a pump is to invest in a high quality product known for its safety and one that also features a vacuum limiter. Another tip that can give you outstanding results with ease it to massage the whole penis both before and after using a pump in order to help maintain a healthy blood flow which allows for a harder and longer lasting erection.

No Harmful Side Effects – The number one complaint from men who use penis enlargement pills is the nasty side effects they have. Most of these medications are never clinically tested and affect different men in different ways. The side effects vary and some men complain of excruciating headaches, body aches, dizziness, and slight changes in their vision. HQ Penis Pumps pose no harm and the only side effect might be a little swelling from the suction, but that’s perfectly normal.

It’s Fast – Pills that promise to enlarge your penis can take a long time to produce any results, so they’re not really ideal. Of course it’s almost impossible to predict when you will be intimate with your partner, because the feelings can arise suddenly, which is why pills are not always the best option. Unlike pills, a penis pump provides long lasting results in a matter of minutes and gives you a firm erection ready for intimacy. Some pumps are really small and discreet so you can sneak off to the restroom for a minute, attach the pump and give it a few pumps for a  larger penis sure to impress.

stronger-orgasmAffordability – Not every man has a bottomless bank account. A penis pumps is a way more affordable solution for men facing erectile dysfunction as compared to costly surgery and countless expensive medications. The most basic and economically affordable ones start at around $20 at drug stores and the more advanced specialty devices can cost a little more than $100.

These are only a few of the biggest advantages of using a high quality penis pump instead of any other penis enlargement method, but not the only ones. If you’re a man struggling with erectile dysfunction and you’re looking for other options, why not give a penis pump a try. The best way to find out if it is for you is to test it out. You might just be happily surprised by the results, as well as with the time and money you save.