Girlfriends Magazine Online The Art Of Making Love

Some men become so consumed with the size of their penis and actually believe that their lack of love life has to do with their size, that they forget that there is an art to making love, that has nothing to do with the size of your penis and everything to do with sexual attraction, seduction and allure.

Let’s face it, women are different than men and learning what sexually attracts women and how to seduce them with do more for your love life than that an extraordinarily large penis.

sexual-attractionCreating Sexual Attraction

Unlike many men who form a sexual attraction to woman based solely on looks, for most women looks are only part of what attracts them to man. Taking the time to learn to how to capture a woman’s interest and hold it is essential improving your love life. Showing real interest in a woman, and learning to ask the right questions to make her feel as though you are truly interested in who she is as person will often result in most women seeing you in as far more attractive than you might otherwise think.

However, sexual attraction can be extremely short lived if you aren’t skilled in the art of allure and seduction.

If you are attracted to a woman, and she doesn’t seem equally attracted to you, you can create that sexual attraction or interest simply by showing a real interest in who they are, the things they like to do, and allow them to see that that sincere interest. When a woman sees that your interest goes well beyond the superficial they often can’t resist feeling a mutual attraction.

The Art of Seduction and Allure


In order to get a woman to want to become intimate with you, you need to become skilled in the art of seduction and allure. Seducing a woman is nothing more than making a woman feel as she is someone desirable and special to you. Eye contact is one of the most important tools when learning how to seduce a woman. Women often find themselves responding with sexual interest to a man who can’t seem to take their eyes off of them.

Listening is another tool men needs to have in their seduction trick man. There is something really sexually appealing about a man who actually listens to a woman’s wants and needs and then acts on what they hear and interesting ways. Simple touches are also a great tool that makes a man alluring. While women may dislike to be grabbed, they enjoy and respond to affection and light touches on their arm or shoulder, putting a hand on the small of their back when walking, or the simple act of holding hands. Small touches can actually fire feelings of sexual excitement in women and build a small attraction into one that is surprisingly strong.

One of the benefits of learning the art of seduction is that you will find that you are more sexually excited and attracted to the woman’s response to you.

foreplaySeduction Doesn’t Stop at the Bedroom Door

You need to remember that seduction doesn’t stop at the bedroom door.

If you really want to be manly in bed, then you need to learn how to continue the seduction and increase the pleasure of the sexual experience for both of you. More often than not delaying gratification for a short while, increases sexual attraction more than anything else.

While you may want to get right down to business, most women enjoy some extended foreplay, flattering, but sincere comments, and feeling feminine. Surprisingly, the man who learns how to seduce a woman in and out of bed usually has no worries that woman will be concerned about the size of your penis as they will be overwhelmed by your attention and the feelings you invoke in them.





In the back of most men’s minds is the fantasy of having a larger firmer penis, with no difficulty in having erections, and being desired by all women for their sexual prowess and the envy of all men. No matter how unrealistic this dream may be, it persists and many of today’s manufacturing companies play into this unrealistic desire by flooding the market with dick pills or what is also known as penis enhancers.

big-dick-pillsThese manufacturers manage to stay in business and create more and more of these big dick pills because, many men are willing to buy into the fantasy these manufacturers create. Some because they do have some erectile dysfunction, and others simply because they feel their penis is too small or that their sex life could be better.

The Fantasy Penis Enhancement Pill Manufacturers Create

In order to discuss whether dick pills featured on work or not, we need to first look at the fantasy that penis enhancement pills manufacturers create. In many cases, these manufacturers not only promise potential customers that they will be able to get and maintain an erection, but that they can permanently grow a larger and wider penis by using their product. Others also claim that their special pill will increase libido and actually make sex more pleasurable both for the man and for his partner.

How the Market For Penis Pills Got Created

The market for penis pills got created due to movies, television, social media, and peer groups all of which made sex “a big thing” and gave most men the impression that to be a “real man” they should have large penises, know how to use and want to sex have all time.

big-dick-manMen would look at themselves and find themselves wondering if their penis was really large enough to satisfy their partner, or why they didn’t want sex several times a day. While some men, do have some very real problems, gaining and keeping erections, others who were perfectly normal found themselves thinking that had problems due to size or lack of libido and decided that they needed to do something about it.

And since talking about sexual problems even perceived ones, are difficult for most men, penis pills they could order online or just go out and buy seemed to be the ideal answer to all their penis problems real or imagined?

Do Penis Pills Work?

Of course many men do take the time to ask whether or not dick pills actually work. Although most people would expect a simple yes or no answer, the answer is really not all that simple and depends on a great deal on the purpose for which you are buying the pills. Let’s work at some of the reasons why men buy penis pills and whether they are suitable for that purpose.

Pills To Increase Sexual Pleasure

There are also some pills that make a man’s penis more sensitive and thereby increase the pleasure he is feeling. However, often times creams do better at sensitizing specific areas of the body.

Pills that Increase Libido

While many manufacturers of pills of men, claim their pills with increase a man’s sex drive or libido, this is not really case. There are a number of reasons why men have low libidos including:

  • Other medications for health problems
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Drug or Alcohol consumption
  • Relationship issues

penis-growth-pleasureIf the underlying cause for the lack of libido is not dealt with, then chances are there is not going to be anything that can or will increase your sexual drive.

Permanent Penis Growth

Although some manufactures claim that with their pills you will see a larger and wider penis within a few months of use, this simply is not going to happen. There is no pill that is going to result in permanent growth of this organ and certainly not in the 2 to 4 inches many manufacturers claim.

Do keep in mind that before taking any penis enhancement pill you should check with a professional medical doctor to ensure that your health and the pill you are taking is safe and won’t cause you to suffer from serious negative side effects.