The Advantages of HQ Penis Pumps

Erectile dysfunction is more common than you think in men of all different races, sizes and age and affects approximately 18 million men in the United States alone. Men facing problems with erectile dysfunction are often times embarrassed by their condition and turn to seeking out information from untrusted websites and so-called professionals just trying to sell their pills, which can quickly become overwhelming. A lot of these websites and companies promise you the world and a long lasting erect penis for hours, but they’re not always the best option for a man facing problems with erectile dysfunction.

penis-pumpingMany men prefer to use vacuum type devices which increases blood flow, known as penis pumps, to help them get an erection and most of them actually consider it to be safer option compared to penis surgery and male enhancement supplements.

Easy to Use – Penis pumps are surprisingly extremely easy to use and are favored by many men facing issues with maintaining an erection. The key to successful penile enlargement with the use of a pump is to invest in a high quality product known for its safety and one that also features a vacuum limiter. Another tip that can give you outstanding results with ease it to massage the whole penis both before and after using a pump in order to help maintain a healthy blood flow which allows for a harder and longer lasting erection.

No Harmful Side Effects – The number one complaint from men who use penis enlargement pills is the nasty side effects they have. Most of these medications are never clinically tested and affect different men in different ways. The side effects vary and some men complain of excruciating headaches, body aches, dizziness, and slight changes in their vision. HQ Penis Pumps pose no harm and the only side effect might be a little swelling from the suction, but that’s perfectly normal.

It’s Fast – Pills that promise to enlarge your penis can take a long time to produce any results, so they’re not really ideal. Of course it’s almost impossible to predict when you will be intimate with your partner, because the feelings can arise suddenly, which is why pills are not always the best option. Unlike pills, a penis pump provides long lasting results in a matter of minutes and gives you a firm erection ready for intimacy. Some pumps are really small and discreet so you can sneak off to the restroom for a minute, attach the pump and give it a few pumps for a  larger penis sure to impress.

stronger-orgasmAffordability – Not every man has a bottomless bank account. A penis pumps is a way more affordable solution for men facing erectile dysfunction as compared to costly surgery and countless expensive medications. The most basic and economically affordable ones start at around $20 at drug stores and the more advanced specialty devices can cost a little more than $100.

These are only a few of the biggest advantages of using a high quality penis pump instead of any other penis enlargement method, but not the only ones. If you’re a man struggling with erectile dysfunction and you’re looking for other options, why not give a penis pump a try. The best way to find out if it is for you is to test it out. You might just be happily surprised by the results, as well as with the time and money you save.

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Penis Stretching – What To Expect?

Many men who want a larger penis, resort to all kinds of different activities to try and improve the size of their penis. Among the most popular forms of attempts at enlarging penis’s is penis stretching. Stretching the penis can be done in a number of different ways from simple exercises, to the use of mechanical devices. But do any of these stretching maneuvers work and if so how much size do you stand to gain?

Types of Penis Stretching

There are several different types of penis stretching that men have tried in order to increase the size the size of their penis. Some of these methods include:

  • Penis Pulling- Penis pulling is exactly what it sounds like, you simply take hold of the tip of the penis and pull it downward, normally holding it for the count of 30 and then repeat two or three times.
  • Exercises- So called penis exercises are really not exercises at all since there are no muscles in this piece of equipment. What these exercises really are, is a combination of pulling, and massaging that helps to encourage blood flow to your penis
  • Attaching Weights or Traction- Attaching weight or using traction as a means of penis stretching simply is an easy way to keep a constant pulling pressure on your penis in the hopes of stretching the penis slowly over time. With both weights and traction, the weight or the amount of traction is increased over time.
  • Pumps- Penis pumps are often used in the shower and they too stretch the penis using pressure to pull on the penis.

What Types of Results Can You See From Penis Stretching

If you are expecting phenomenal results from penis stretching you are sure to be extremely disappointed. It will take at least 6 months to a year to see any results to hours of stretching, and even then results with only be modest. Most men will anywhere from a fraction of an inch to a 1/2” in length, and even then increasing the length may effect the girth of the penis. While some people claim results of up 1 ½ inches in lengths these results are few and far between, if they can be believed at all.

doctorIn addition, once growth is achieved it will take continued stretching to maintain any growth you have achieved.

Negatives of Penis Stretching

While men who indulge in penis stretching in order to achieve a “bigger” penis focus on the goal of growth and the perceived benefits of stretching they often tend to ignore the negatives and side effects that penis stretching can involve. Here is a look at some of the negatives aspects of penis stretching.

  • Continuous Time Spent Alone- Unless you have a partner that is willing to spend a good of time helping you stretch your penis, then you are going to be spending a great deal of time alone. Penis stretching takes time, and if you are going to spend 30 minutes twice a day stretching your penis for up to year, then you are going to be spending some quality time all alone.
  • Damage and Deformity- If you indulge in penis stretching incorrectly or do it too often you can damage your penis causing you to experience pain when making love. Even worse you can actually cause your penis to become deformed resulting in difficulty making love, and a lowering of self esteem.
  • Sexual Dysfunction- One of the worst things that can happen when trying to stretch the penis is that you could cause yourself difficulties in order to get and maintain an erection. It won’t you do much good to ½ inch longer penis if you are unable to use that vital piece of equipment to enjoy an erection and please your partner.

If you have an average 5 to 6 inch long erected penis, then you are far better off to maintain that average penis than to risk sexual dysfunction by trying to stretch that penis when it really isn’t necessary.

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All About Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are a popular choice for men looking to increase the size of their penis. They are devices used for enlargement when combined with the correct penis exercise program. Before committing to a purchase of a penis extender, it’s important to understand what it is, how it works and the best way to use it.

Do penis extenders really work?

Extensive studies have taken place to determine the overall effects of penis extenders. Not only have these studies shown that extenders are effective in enlarging the penis, they are the only proven method to create permanent penis enlargement.

What should I look for when purchasing a penis extender?

When buying your penis extender, you’ll want to select one that has the most efficient features.

  • Extra parts or attachments may be included in case of misplacement or damage. You may also find a variety of rod lengths included, so you can start small and build up to larger goals over time.
  • A good quality penis extender featured at will be comfortable to wear, so look for the right size and shape for your situation. Reading recommendations is a great way to compare models that may be right for you.
  • The manufacturer should include instructions, however many great quality products ship with useful aids such as DVDs or PDF files. If it’s your first time using a penis extender, choosing one that comes with extra illustration could prove useful when learning the process.

I’ve purchased a penis extender, but how do I use it?

penis-extender-boxStep One: Prepare

Before fitting the penis extender, you may find it more comfortable to prepare your penis with a piece of cloth or gauze. This will protect your frenulum from friction and minimize discomfort.

Step Two: Attach the Strap

Set up the strap so that the extender will stay in place once fitted. Attach one side to begin with (usually the side of your dominant hand), as you’ll attach the other side once your penis has been inserted.

Step Three: Put your Penis inside the Extender

Carefully insert your penis towards the cradle of the extender before attaching the remaining side of the strap. You may find your extender includes illustrations outlining how the penis should look and feel once inserted. It shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, so adjust the strap and position until you find a set-up that suits you.

how-to-use-penis-extenderStep Four: Ensure the Straps are Fastened Effectively

Once comfortable, you’ll want to ensure optimum security so that your penis does not slip or move from its ideal position.

Step Five: Adjust to a Comfortable Stretch

Once set up, it’s time to adjust the extender’s tension rods. You will feel your penis begin to stretch, however it should not be painful. Stretch to a limit that remains comfortable and do not over-stretch. This can often be counterproductive or cause pain and injury.

Step Six: Apply Heat

While not essential, it can be helpful to apply heat, such as padding, to the penis. It will keep it malleable and encourage a healthy blood flow.

Step Seven: Wait

Now all that’s left is to wait patiently until your recommended wear-time is up. Avoid too much physical movement and take the time to watch television, read a book or use the PC.

Are there any side effects of using penis extenders?

There are dangers relating to the use of penis extenders, so it’s imperative that users understand the risks to avoid causing themselves an injury.

penis-enlargement-resultSticking with the training program created by you or a professional may take longer to reach your goals, however it’ll prevent the risk of harm through stretching too quickly. Wearing your extender for longer than recommended is not only dangerous, but is also unlikely to result in enlarging your penis any quicker. Overstretching will cause pain and little results to show for it.

Overall, it’s worth noting that penis extenders are the only penis enlargement method to date that has been proven to be effective through extensive study. While results may not appear overnight, consistent use and dedication can give you the bigger penis you aim for.

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Can You Grow Your Penis Bigger With Penis Pills?

Few people are ever satisfied with their bodies, and when it comes to men, many of them find themselves wishing for a larger Penis. Men who are unsatisfied with their penis size often suffer from a lack of self confidence in bed, which can result in temporary or even chronic erectile dysfunction. In most cases, men who long for larger penis’s normally have average size equipment and simply have difficulty realizing that their penis size actually falls within the norm. Once they do realize that their equipment is normal and average, their self esteem climbs up and they learn to make do with what they were born with.

permanent-penis-growthHowever, there are a few men who may have slightly smaller than normal penis’s or simply want to be larger than normal and seek some magic elixir or pill to help them grow those extra inches they long to have. Many turn to penis pills in the hope of permanently growing a large penis.

What are Penis Enhancement Pills?

Normally made up of blends of herbs, penis enhancement pills offer potential users a variety of claims. While some of these pills only promises to help men get firmer more long lasting erections, some manufacturers actually promise that taking their pills will result in permanent growth over time. The simple truth is that while some of these pills you may find at do help men to gain an erection, or maintain one for longer, there is absolutely no evidence that any of these pills will result in permanent penis growth.

The Truth About Penis Growth

The simple truth is, the amount your penis grows, like your legs, or your height is going to be determined by a number of different things including heredity. While exercises and other activities may increase your penis to it’s full size, there is nothing that is going to make it grow larger than God or nature intended.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some well made pills that can help you feel better about your penis when it is erected, but they certainly aren’t going to help you add on inches when your equipment is relaxed.

Male Enhancement Pills and Penis Growth

While enhancement pills can’t permanently grow your penis, what they can do is increase the flow of blood to your penis during an erection to make your penis fully engorged so that it looks longer and wider. This not only results in giving a man the impression that his equipment is larger, but may also increase his ability to maintain an erection for longer and increases sensitivity so that you can experience increased enjoyment so may your partner.

male-pillsShould You or Shouldn’t You Pop Those Pills?

Now that you know what enhancement pills can and can’t do, you are probably wondering if taking these pills are worthwhile. The answer to that question is depends on what you are expecting these pills to do.

  • If you suffer from an inability to get or maintain an erection or your erection is not as hard as you would like it to be, then taking a good quality enhancement pill may well help you deal with these issues and make you feel more manly.
  • If you don’t have trouble getting or maintaining a solid erection and simply wish that your penis was bigger both at rest and when it is erect, then no pill is going to help you achieve that goal. You will better off, to try exercises and even penis stretching in order to give yourself a permanently larger looking penis.

However, do keep in mind, if you are able to stretch your penis chances are it will only result in a fraction of an inch to an inch and increasing the length often reduces the girth.

The best way to have a more fulfilled sex life is to concentrate on increasing intimacy instead of the size of your penis.

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Creating a Beautiful Body through Bodybuilding

When most people think of bodybuilders, they often picture men and women with very large muscles resembling Herculean-like figures of oversized proportions. It is understandable that many men and women are looking simply to tone and form their bodies and not necessarily go for size. However, the same weight resistance training that builds up the muscles is also the perfect means to tone them as well.

sexy-male-bodyIn fact, many people around the world use bodybuilding techniques to tone and shape the muscles in order to create a beautiful and harmonious form.

Toning the Body

In order to properly shed the fat, tone the muscles and create your best physical appearance, it will take more than just hitting the gym to get the job done.

  • Eat a Proper, Healthy Diet
  • Set Specific Goals
  • Use the Right Bodybuilding Techniques
  • Add Cardio Exercises

Everything starts with the right diet that includes plenty of proteins for muscle toning and complex carbohydrates for energy. Plus, you’ll need to cut down on the refined sugars, saturated fats and simple carbs that can turn into extra pounds.

You cannot get where you want to go unless you set the right goals. Your goals should consist of the timeframe to achieve the look you want and the amount of time each week dedicated to getting there. You’ll need to learn the right bodybuilding techniques that emphasize shape and tone over bulk and add in cardio exercises to help boost the metabolism as well.

How Bodybuilding Techniques Tones the Muscles

Although the basic appearance of building large muscles and toning them may look the same in terms of the many bodybuilding exercises that are used, there are significant differences in terms of the weights and repetitions which will help achieve the proper results.

sexy-female-bodyHere, the emphasis will be on weight resistance exercises that utilize the most amount of muscle in fewer reps so that you can burnt the most number of calories.

No Isolation Exercises: This particular type of exercise is designed to bulk up the muscles, so instead the focus will be on the general lifting and squats which works a large number of muscle fibers instead.

Fewer Reps: By decreasing the repetitions, the emphasis will be on building up enough of the fibers to increase the strength of the muscles without bulking them up.

Split Cardio & Muscle Building: Essentially, you will be alternating the days between cardio exercises and weight resistant workouts. This will help to tone your body and build up your metabolism as well that burns away the excess fat.

The Advantages of Bodybuilding Techniques for Toning

There are a number of benefits to using these techniques when it comes to shaping your body the way you want.

  • Short Duration of Exercises
  • Variety of Workout Routines
  • Fast Results

A proper bodybuilding/cardio exercise routines take roughly 30 minutes per day which makes them easier to fit into your schedule. Plus, the variety of workouts means that you are less likely to get bored and quit. Finally when combined with the proper diet you should start seeing results fairly quickly.

Overall, using proper weight resistance training combined with cardio routines will help you get into great shape without having to bulk up your muscles.



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Does Size Really Matter? Getting the Female Perspective on Male Endowment

Penis size is correlated with some of the worst body image issues men experience; while men are typically less criticized by the media for their weight and overall appearance than women are, the size of a man’s penis is often directly linked to his confidence, virility, sexual prowess, and by proxy, much of his personality.

Obviously, this idea is one that does a great deal of harm to many men, who live in fear of being mocked by their female lovers and other men alike. This anxiety is, in fact, far more widespread than it ought to be: While almost half of men (45%) believe that their penis is “too small”, in reality, the average penis is only about 4-6 inches long even when fully erect. The unrealistic expectations most men have about penis size are largely the result of pornography.

What Women Really Think About Penis Size

So, do women really prefer large penises? Do they have the same unrealistic expectations men do?

The answer to this question is as variable as individual women are; when it comes to penises, there is no “one size fits all” rule. One thing is for certain, however: The myth that all women prefer large penises is as pervasive—and untrue—as the myth that all men prefer large breasts. The vast majority of women (85%) are actually perfectly happy with the size of their partner’s genitals, meaning that far more women are happy with “small” penises than men are.

g-spotUnderstanding Female Anatomy

One thing that men generally do not realize when judging the size of their genitals is that not all women’s vaginas are one size, either. Many women cannot actually handle having intercourse with a man who is too well endowed, as it causes pain and a great deal of discomfort (this is another area where porn has given most people truly exaggerated ideas regarding what people can handle in bed).

The average vagina size is only about 3-4 inches long, and many women who have not had children also have fairly narrow vaginal canals. Ergo, the myth that one needs an unusually large penis to satisfy most women is completely false.

And, even if your penis is below average size, don’t despair; there are some women out there who have unusually small vaginas as well, and as such, cannot comfortably have intercourse with even an average-sized man. For these women, finding a man with a smaller penis is actually a dream come true.

Read more: 4 Women Discuss Penis Size on AskMen

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Erection Problems (To get hard & stay hard)

Although reluctant to discuss it, almost every man will have erection problems sometime during their life. Erections problems also called erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to get or maintain an erection. Erections problems may occur occasionally or become a chronic condition that may lead a man to seek treatment.

Erectile-DysfunctionCauses of Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of different causes of Erectile dysfunction and recognizing the cause in the first step in treating it. Some of the causes of erection problems include:

  • Stress- When people are under a good deal stress many bodily functions don’t work the way they should, and problems in gaining and maintaining an erection often occurs in times of stress. In most cases, erectile dysfunction due to stress is short lived and temporary and simply goes away when the stressful situation is reduced. However, in some cases, ongoing stress could cause ongoing problems that are hard to resolve. Finding ways to reduce stress is the key to curing or at least treating any erectile dysfunction caused by stress.
  • Alcohol or Drug Use- Heavy duty alcohol or drug use can also result in Erection problems. Men who drink heavily or take a lot of recreational drugs, may not only fail to be able to gain or maintain an erection, they may also lack the desire to have sex. Treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol may not only improve your ability to gain and maintain an erection, but is vital to your overall health.
  • Relationship-IssuesRelationship Issues- Relationship issues often result in an inability to gain or maintain an erection. When you and your partner have significant problems that results in constant anger or stress then it is difficult to be able be intimate. In some cases where men have a temporary erectile dysfunction fear of it happening again can often create relationship issues that turns that occasional erectile dysfunction into a chronic problem. In such cases, talking to your partner, indulging in other intimate exercisers and even counseling can help resolve some the relationship issues, draw couples closer together and renew your ability to get and maintain an erection.
  • Physical Injury- Although rarer that stress, alcohol abuse or relationship issues there are times when a physical injury may result in you having problems gaining and maintaining an erection, especially when they injury results in a diminishing the flow of blood to the penis. When a physical injury results in erection problems, it may be necessary to wait for healing, go through physical rehab, or even have surgery to correct the problem.
  • doctor-adviceHealth Issues- More prevalent than physical injuries in causing erectile dysfunction is health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure anxiety and depression. A number of other health issues may also cause an inability to gain or maintain and erection, due to slowing or limiting the amount of blood flow to penis. In some cases, getting treated for the specific medical condition causing your problem will solve your erection issues as well, other times it may be necessary to take additional medication aimed at helping to gain and maintain an erection.
  • Medications- While health issues themselves may effect your ability to gain an erection, oftentimes it can be the medications used to treat other health issues that is the cause of your sexual issue. In such cases, having a frank discussion with your physician may be the answer as he may be able to prescribe other medication that will treat the condition without interfering with your ability to gain an erection.

While talking about your erection difficulties may be difficult, speaking to your doctor and letting him help you to discover the cause of these problems is the first step in treating them. Your doctor will probably give you a complete physical, talk to you about your alcohol and drug use and make any necessary changes in current medications to see if that these things resolve your issues. If necessary your doctor may suggest you seek treatment with a mental professional or prescribe medication to help you gain and maintain an erection.

Your doctor may also suggest using a vacuum or getting shots in penis to treat this condition and as a last result he may discuss with you the option of having surgery to place an implant in your penis.

Keep in mind, that while erectile dysfunction may be a difficult thing to face and to discuss, that the condition is most often treatable without the need for surgery, and many men go on to lead to a happy, intimate and very satisfying sex life.

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